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XEBEC Corporate Profile

About Xebec

Xebec designs, develops, builds, sells, and services a range of pressure swing adsorption and membrane gas purification systems for biogas purification (BGX Solutions™); natural gas dehydration and conditioning units for natural gas vehicle refueling stations and for natural gas upgrading (NGX Solutions™); hydrogen purification pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems (H2X Solutions™); helium purification systems (SGX Solutions™); field gas or associated gas purification systems (AGX Solutions™); and filtration and separation equipment (FSX Solutions™).

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an integral part of Xebec’s management and manufacturing philosophy. Xebec holds many high level manufacturing certifications including: ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2008. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ASME, Canadian Standards Association for Canada - CSA, Canadian Standards Association for the United States CSAUS, Canadian Registration Number - CRN, NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) America, NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) Alliance.


Headquartered in Blainville (QC), Xebec operates two manufacturing facilities - in Blainville and in Shanghai, the People's Republic of China (China), and maintains a sales and distribution presence throughout North America and Asia. On February 25th, 2014, Xebec opened a sales office in Houston, Texas (USA), in order to better serve sales opportunities in the United States and South America.

Xebec’s head office in Blainville, Quebec is a 41,753 square foot manufacturing facility.The Blainville operation houses corporate finance, sales and application support, filtration and aftermarket, global supply chain, operational engineering, manufacturing and service and maintenance support.

Xebec’s Asian 20,451 square foot manufacturing facility is located in the Song Jiang district of Shanghai, China. This facility is responsible for sales, product engineering and assembly using components manufactured in the greater Shanghai industrial area. The facility also provides shared services including supply chain and engineering support to Xebec’s head office. Xebec Shanghai is also responsible for sales of Xebec’s products, marketing, technical and after-sales support for the Asian and South East Asian markets.

Xebec USA is located in Houston, Texas. Its primary role is handling sales from the United States and South America. In addition, Xebec USA takes a leadership role in the development of Xebec’s next generation gas separation membrane technology.

In South East Asia, Xebec products and services are sold through Bireme PTE Limited, a reseller owned by a former director of Xebec Singapore. Bireme provides local support and service to the South East Asian customer base including customers in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Bireme is primarily supplied by Xebec Shanghai.

Product lines

Xebec markets its product lines under the following brands:

Agx Solutions Associated Gas and field gas purification
Amx Solutions Aftermarket Service and Parts
Biogas purification Biogas purification
Gas and compressed air filtration Gas and compressed air filtration
Hydrogen purification Hydrogen purification
Natural gas drying and upgrading Natural gas drying and upgrading


Xebec product lines and their applications

AGX SOLUTIONS – Associated Gas and Field Gas Purification

The cost of drilling and hydraulic fracturing is hugely impacted by rising diesel costs. As the price of natural gas and natural gas liquids (HGLs) has dropped over the last 2 years, drilling operators are looking at ways to lower their operating costs. In most liquids rich shale gas plays the high heating values (HV) of the field gas, does not allow for immediate use as diesel displacement. Xebec's AGX line of Fast-Cycle Pressure-Swing Adsorption systems remove heavier hydrocarbon from field gas, lowering the HV and thereby making it useable on converted drilling rigs and for frack pumps. Up to 60% of diesel can be displaced by cheaper, cleaner field gas. The result is significantly lower operating costs, lower emissions, longer engine life and an overall positive environmental impact.

AMX SOLUTIONS – Aftermarket Service and Parts

Xebec offers a complete range of aftermarket parts including filter elements, desiccant, valves and adsorbents. Xebec has a full-service team which performs on-site commissioning and regular maintenance of all its equipment. Xebec is also the only company in North America which offers in-house recalibration of dewpoint probes.

BGX Solutions – Biogas Purification

Xebec’s compact, Fast Cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is designed to upgrade biogas feed streams containing CO2, H2O, H2S, and high amounts of N2O and O2 (total molar content of 0% to 30%). Xebec’s proprietary PSA technology is highly efficient, with proven recovery rates up to 96%. Xebec’s high-performance polymer membranes are suitable for treating biogas streams which mainly contain CH4 and CO2. Xebec membranes selectively separate CH4 from CO2 and other trace gases and upgrade biogas to pure biomethane with recoveries as high as 99.8%.

FSX Solutions – Gas and Compressed Air Filtration

Xebec also produces a wide variety of filtration equipment needed for gas treatment or systems. These products include water separators for bulk water removal, coalescing filters for the removal of fine water droplets, and particulate filters for the capture of dust. Sizes range from single element cast aluminum housings to industrial scale multi-element fabricated filter housings of carbon or stainless steel.

H2X Solutions – Hydrogen Purification

Adsorption technology is used in both hydrogen generation plants and for hydrogen recovery from the oil refinery process. The overall increase in hydrogen demand is expected to drive demand for adsorption systems for use in large capacity hydrogen plants, and for recovering hydrogen in oil refineries. Xebec, in collaboration with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, has developed a large capacity adsorption product platform for use in a range of refinery applications, including hydrogen recovery from refinery off-gas streams.

NGX Solutions ® Natural Gas Dehydration for Refueling Stations

Xebec is a world leader in natural gas drying for vehicle refueling stations, with installations around the globe, supporting both small and major petrochemical companies like Exxon, Sunoco, Sinopec, and Petro China. All Xebec dryers are ASME code compliant and National Board Certified, and can be built to specific requirements, such as the Chinese and Malaysian pressure vessel codes.

NGX Solutions – Natural Gas Purification for Crude Oil and Diesel Displacement

Utilities and industry recognize the need to replace crude-derived fuels with lower cost, cleaner sources of energy. As a result, natural gas is in increasing demand as it is domestic, secure, abundant, clean and currently significantly less expensive. However, often the end-user has no direct access to a natural gas pipeline; as a consequence companies are tapping into high pressure trunk lines, creating so-called virtual pipelines, by delivering compressed natural gas by tube trailers to industrial users. Xebec designs and manufactures high pressure (up to 1200 psi and higher) dehydration systems that are used prior to compression of the gas and filling of the tube trailers.