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Biogas is a renewable source of natural gas generated from the anaerobic digestion of waste materials in municipal landfills, waste water treatment plants and anaerobic digesters processing agricultural and industrial organic wastes.

The growing trend towards higher natural gas prices and a demand for renewable energy has created strong demand for equipment to upgrade raw biogas to purified biomethane – now known as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). RNG can meet pipeline natural gas quality specifications and can be distributed and sold by injection into existing pipeline gas utility pipelines.

Biomethane can also be used as a carbon-neutral compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fuel for vehicles including refuse trucks, heavy duty transportation trucks, transit buses and passenger cars.

XEBEC's integrated biogas plants provide customers with a packaged solution including all the equipment necessary to upgrade biogas to purified biomethane meeting pipeline or compressed natural gas quality specifications. As a result, clean renewable natural gas for a sustainable future.

Interactive process overview
small biogas plant
Interactive process overview
Large biogas plant
Interactive process overview Interactive process overview

Biogas Plant Features:

  • Compact skid mounted, modular systems for simple installation
  • Simple to operate and control
  • Heat recovery for integration with upstream processes
  • Capacity range from 150 to 5000 Nm3 / h