Xebec’s Biogas Upgrading System Selected for the Enbridge / City of Toronto Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Facility Project

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Xebec’s Biogas Upgrading System Selected for the Enbridge / City of Toronto Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Facility Project
In July, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc (Enbridge) announced a joint project with the City of Toronto to construct the City's first Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility, located at the Dufferin Solid Waste Management site. Further to that announcement, Xebec is pleased to add that we will be the supplier for the turn-key biogas upgrading system that will help turn the City's organic waste into clean energy.

Turning Endless Waste Into Endless Energy
Almost 50 per cent of household waste (by weight) is organic material. When organic waste breaks down, biogas or methane is created. Many municipalities and sewage treatment plants burn off this methane into the atmosphere. But by cleaning and conditioning the methane, you can actually create a valuable energy resource - renewable natural gas (RNG): an indigenous, sustainable, and carbon neutral source of energy which is identical to natural gas.

Renewable gas is also referred to as Biomethane or Green Gas. It can be injected into the gas pipeline network or it can be used independently as a fuel for heating, transport or power generation, significantly offsetting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Xebec - Tested and Proven.
Xebec has been in the clean energy business for decades, providing leading edge technology solutions for biogas upgrading using proprietary Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. Since RNG is a relatively new field for clean technologies, it has taken several hard years to establish ourselves in this field and to prove our technologies. Now that there are a number of projects operating (Xebec has over 50 running plants, and worldwide there are about 500 units operating), the marketplace can assess which technologies actually deliver as promised. As it happens, Xebec and its high performance, reliable adsorption technology with low operating costs is gaining worldwide market share and making inroads in the North American market.

Toronto’s Commitment to a Cleaner Planet
The City of Toronto project provides a perfect example of a truly closed loop – where Green Bin organic waste is collected, cleaned and conditioned to become carbon-neutral renewable natural gas, and then injected into the gas grid to fuel the collection trucks that pick it up. Expected to be completed in 2019, the project will allow the City to reduce fuel costs for its fleet of collection trucks and significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

"This project represents a path to low-carbon fuel for the City and will play an important role in helping us reach our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. The City remains committed to its climate change action goals and to creating a more sustainable Toronto. By working with Enbridge we are able to move positive projects like this forward to the benefit of our residents and the environment."
- Mayor John Tory, City of Toronto

"We all agree that we must have cleaner or lower carbon energy options to heat our homes and move our vehicles. While traditional natural gas is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel, RNG is the first step in 'greening' the natural gas system.   I commend Mayor Tory and the City of Toronto for their vision and commitment and we look forward to additional opportunities to partner with and support the City."
- Cynthia Hansen, Executive Vice President, Utilities and Power Operations, Enbridge Inc.

"Xebec, as a Canadian Cleantech company, is proud to be part of this high profile Canadian project. Our technology perfectly supports the City of Toronto’s commitment to climate change action goals, using renewable energy which is the cornerstone of the global energy transition. It is gratifying to see our country’s momentum building on climate change initiatives, particularly as it relates to Renewable Natural Gas.”
- Kurt Sorschak, President and CEO, Xebec Adsorption Inc.

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