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h2x solutions

Due to its unique rotating bed design, many of the high maintenance, high cost rest-of-plant components necessary for conventional PSA systems have been eliminated while maintaining a footprint unrivalled by anything in its category. The H3300-G1 is designed to be tightly integrated with reformer systems, including those designed for hydrogen refuelling stations. Recommended for low throughput fueling needs where operating feed flows are up to 20 scfm /30 Nm3/h with operating pressures up to 175 psig (12 barg).


  • Advanced, patented technology that is protected by over 140 current and pending patents with the most advanced system on the market.
  • Small footprint for confined spaces, the H-3300's sleek and compact design ensures minimal space requirements.
  • Fast cycle PSA technology with multiple beds rotating, eliminating many unreliable valves and ensuring relatively steady gas flow with few required controls.
  • Skid Mounted Unit and pre-loaded with adsorbents. Installation of the H-3300
    can typically be completed within a few hours.
  • By minimizing the number of components in each H-3300 module, the system is
    designed to be the lowest cost PSA available and requires a minimum of service.

Typical Applications

  • Operating feed flows up to 30 NCMH
  • Operating pressures from 3 to 14 bar(g) (50 to 200 psig)
  • Recommended for low throughput fueling needs

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